About Us


Anderst is born out of the longing for that favorite irreplaceable dress in ones closet. With our minimal, but intricate designs we aim to produce a fashion that lasts long past a single season and inspires women of all kinds to give each piece of clothing a unique life. Our mission is to create a canvas for any attitude in any situation on any given day.

We are committed to local production, which allows us flexibility with a minimal environmental footprint, and to purposefully and conscious Design that respects quality and value. 


The Store

Located in the Stockade District of Kingston, Anderst offers a carefully selected, and constantly updated collection of well crafted contemporary works of mostly local artists and artisans harmoniously blended with timeless antique/vintage objects. Well made things that will be around for a good while, some because they have been around for a good while and others for their solid philosophy and artistry.

The store has a strong unique voice in its modern, but approachable simplicity. Anderst also functions as a platform for artists of several disciplines to showcase and offerl their work encompassing and combining the benefits of a gallery and a store with events, like readings, art openings and screenings.


 The Designer

Owner and Designer Sylvia Grieser's background is in fashion styling and costume design.   Her many travels have revealed the importance of creating beautiful versatile things with high standards.  With a strong eye for fresh trends that will last, she creates pieces that carry from any place to any situation with confidence, practical things that fit in a suitcase and can be reinvented in many different situations. As an Editor and Curator, all things are chosen to work together harmoniously in the brand's simplicity, with an ease and aspiration to enjoy life. 


Anderst stands for




Being Spontaneous

Free Spirits

Joie de Vivre